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April 24, 2018
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July 14, 2018

For many Italian and Spanish engineers, especially those who have recently graduated university, it can be challenging to find a job abroad. There are many contributing factors that make the job hunt difficult including lack of experience, lack of knowledge of a foreign language or the lack of a placement course. Any one of these could make finding a job frustrating, but when you combine all three, it can be almost impossible. For many, even just an intermediate knowledge of a foreign language can be enough for employers, but the importance of a job placement course in the Construction and Oil & Gas Sectors can’t be ignored.

Benefits of Job Placement Courses

A job placement course from a reputable organisation can make a world of difference for Italian and Spanish engineers looking for jobs abroad. It can provide new engineers with the additional skills they need to be competitive in their job search and it can help them find a position by using a wide range of industry resources not typically available to them. Some courses even provide an intermediate language course that will make the applicant more appealing to a new employer.

Job placement courses can help new engineers or experienced engineers who want to work abroad gain the knowledge and experience they need to become successful at finding a Construction and Oil & Gas Sector job abroad.

Business schools such as Dirextra focus specifically on the International Construction and Oil and Gas Sectors and has made it their mission to help engineers who have either just earned their degree, or who are already in the industry and would like to work abroad. Dirextra can ensure that their skills and competencies are formally recognised through certification and that anyone applying to the job placement courses goes through an in-depth learning experience to grow their existing knowledge and talents and be more appealing to companies in the Construction and Oil & Gas Sectors.

Contact Dirextra

If you are interested in a career in the Construction and Oil & Gas Sectors and want to work abroad but need the benefits of a job placement course, contact Dirextra and let one of our professional recruitment and training specialists assist you today and help you get the skills you need for success.

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