Oil And Gas Industry A Growing Sector For 2019

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October 21, 2018

What does the global oil and gas industry have in store for experienced workers in 2019? With talks of Brexit uncertainties and global uncertainty in many of the oil producing countries, some oil and gas industry insiders are concerned about the coming year and whether or not there will be enough jobs or enough skilled labour available to fill those jobs. Yet others see only positive growth for 2019 and are urging anyone interested in working in the oil and gas sector to get the specialised training they need to be ready as new jobs open up around the world.

Is The Venezuelan Oil Crisis A Factor?

In a recent trade body report by the UK’s Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), future prospects for the UK and EU oil and gas industry have improved even with Brexit concerns looming. Yet, growth prospects in some countries, especially Venezuela remain uncertain. Currently, there is more than $500 billion in sanctioned oil sitting off the country’s coast while the Venezuelan government is working towards a resolution. All of this is is a result of a mismanaged oil industry throughout the region. But does this mean that jobs will be scarce in the South American oil sector?

On the contrary. The Venezuelan oil crisis will be resolved soon and as the sanctions on Venezuelan oil are lifted, we will see even more promising growth from this important oil producing country.

Oil And Gas Industry A Growing Sector For 2019

While this might bring a level of uncertainty to the global oil and gas industry, it is seen as a minor issue when factoring the growth of the industry as a whole. The sector will continue to expand in 2019, and there will be even more jobs available at all levels within the oil and gas industry.

Although 2019 doesn’t look like a year for record industry growth, we will still see incremental growth throughout the oil and gas sector, if only in smaller percentages overall.

The UK and EU oil and gas industry has proven to be as strong and dependable as ever and political or economic problems will not change that any time soon.

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