From Remo Cigliano 25th Ed hired by Medgulf Construction Company in Doha (Qatar)

Renato Livrieri 23th Ed now in Faresin Building in Australia
October 25, 2017
From Alessio Cristiano 24th Ed. now Assistant Construction Manager in Manila (Philippines)
October 25, 2017

Master gives the possibility to approach and meet the best companies of Construction and Oil&Gas Sectors. Highly formative this master allows to learn precious sw most common used in construction like “Primavera”. Our tutor followed us all the time, especially during the training period. Dirextra personell teached us how to sell ourselves and improve soft skills. All lessons followed during classroom phases were interesting and focused to teach us mentality of company.
Medgulf is a strong company with great margin for civil engineering development. One of the best Construction Company in Qatar. All Medgulf personell is higly quality, always ready to teach. Temwork’s sense to face daily issue.Very nice accommodation given by the company in central Doha.


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