From Alessio Cristiano 24th Ed. now Assistant Construction Manager in Manila (Philippines)

From Remo Cigliano 25th Ed hired by Medgulf Construction Company in Doha (Qatar)
October 25, 2017
Dirextra in Huffington Post
October 31, 2017

The Master is a great opportunity to get familiar with the world of construction enterprises. The lessons are focused on business management and drive you on the good behavior to take in a worldwide company. The Manchester edition is also a good way to learn English that is necessary in that kind of world. CMC is a great company, one of the best and I’m very happy to attest this directly. The successful mentality and the best construction knowledge are the strenghts of the company. The managers who leads the company brand want to pass down these value to young members. I’m my experience I’m learning much about construction business, management and team building. This internship is an essential fieldwork for my career


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