Erica Bianchi hired by Italiana Costruzioni in Milan

Mario Morelli hired by Bonatti in Kazakhstan
February 18, 2018
Paolo Nigro hired by ICC JV in Doha
March 12, 2018

The Masters experience is both an academic and a life experience, because I had to deal with new aspects of my degree studies in a foreign language, and  because I lived abroad for three months.
I met new, different people with whom I built good friendships;
I met a lot of people with different company positions, coming from different construction companies. All the interviews I did were useful: I was faced with the world of work and the workers but also with myself and my future. It encouraged me and most of all, it was a challenge for me.

Working at ltaliana Costruzioni makes me feel good when I wake up and take the train to go to work in Milan.
It means that I know  the day may be hard, but I also know that I can be content with the work I’m doing and the environment in which I’m working.
There I can improve my skills and my sense of responsibility, I can grow in both personal and work-related aspects.

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